A 3.8x16 mm implant is placed (Fig.4 (with 2 mm buccal gap)) at the level as planned (Fig.2).  Insertion torque is acceptable.  After placing a 4.5x5(3) mm gold-coated abutment and allograft (Fig.5), an immediate provisional is fabricated (the existing crown is lost).  The patient is pleased with the quick, painless procedure.

She returns for impression 4 months postop; the abutment margin is substantially subgingival (Fig.6 arrow).  The abutment is changed to 4.5x4(4) mm one before impression.  There is no bone resorption 9 months post cementation (14 months postop, Fig.7).

Long Implant

Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 03/20/2017, last revision 06/05/2018