One and Two-Piece Implants for the Upper Incisors

A 40-year-old petit (small statue) lady requests treatment of the upper left central and lateral incisors with advanced periodontits.  Treatment plan is extraction and immediate implants and immediate provisionals.

Fig.1 is CBCT sagittal section through these two incisors (#9,10).  It appears that 3.8x12 and 3.8x10 mm implants are appropriate for the sites.  In coronal sections, the implant at the site of #9 looks proper (Fig.2), whereas the one at #10 is most likely too wide for the ridge (Fig.3). 

One piece implant (3x14 or 17 mm) placed at the lateral incisor should be a better choice (Fig.4,5).  The coronal lingual defect is to be repaired by bone graft (red circles in Fig.5).

For #9 implant, an angled abutment is needed (25); the gingival cuff 3 or 4 mm (Fig.1,2).  Surgery turns out to be more informative.

Professionals, Assistants, Upper Incisor Immediate Implant

Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 02/09/2014, last revision 12/02/2018