Never Let Your Teeth Be Pulled Without Implants

Mrs. Lin, in her 50s, does not look right on the side, with the top lip too back, whil the bottom one too forward (Fig.1), because her bite is not right with her dentures (Fig.3).  Without the dentures, she looks much older (Fig.2). 

She wants implants, because she has pain when she eats with the loose dentures.

With 4 implants in place (Fig.5 bottom one), the bottom denture can be set backward (Fig.5 top one).  The pink portion of the denture is trimmed short (Fig.5 black *).  The latter does not touch the tender gums (white *).  So there is no pain when Mrs. Lin is chewing now.  Three days after surgery, she cannot help smiling, the top and bottom lips looking normal (Fig.4).

We look good and young when we have teeth.  When our teeth are pulled, the jaw bone shrinks.  Dentures becomes loose.  Another way to keep the bone in  place is to place implants when our teeth cannot be saved.  In all, never have our teeth to be pulled without implants placed immediately or as soon as possible.

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Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 06/08/2016, last revision 06/11/2016