Implant: No Pain, Comfortable to Use

Mr. Lee in his 70s has several missing teeth (Fig.1).  After a few years of hesitation, he decides to fix a broken front tooth first (Fig.2: #23 with root tip infection (*)).  After extraction, an implant is placed immediately (Fig.3 I) and bone powder is packed around the implant (*).  Then a provisional (temporary) crown (Fig.4,5 P) is immediately made to cover the bone powder as much as possible.  A bandage is applied to protect the wound and hold the exposed bone powder in place (Fig.6).

When we called him in the evening, he was very grateful, saying that he does not have any more pain than extraction by itself.

Mr. Lee returns for follow up 7 days after surgery.  He remains appreciative.  His main point is that the implant tooth is so comfortable to wear.  We ask how he comes to the conclusion.  He tells us that he had partial dentures before, but he did not like them.  He did not wear them.  What a waste.

A few days later, he returns because the temporary crown is loose.  After fixation, it becomes more stable.  Mr. Lee cannot help expressing his gratitude over our service.

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Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 03/07/2015, last revision 04/05/2015