Recall is the Best Time to Remind Patient of Implant

--------------- Sat - Mar 8, 2014 ---------------
S: 54 y/o CF PTC for NPE with cc "UR t/a", last cleaning unknown, MHR: NSF, NKDA
O: E/O: facial symmetry, no trismus, I/O: OH: poor, cancer screen: NSF, +calculus, +gingival erythema/edema/recession, +BOP, 2,15 missing, 2 BWs, 3 PAs Panoramus taken. They show findings consistent with the above, generalized moderate localized severe (19) bone loss, # +PARL
A: chronic periodontitis, 19 nonsalvageable
P: SRP 4q, perio maintenance q3m, 19 ext, 2,15,19 implants (Fig.), treatment plan discussed,
T: Quadrant: UR Xylo 34 mg, Epi 17 mcg LA, routine SRP with Turbo Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler and hand instruments, moderate heavy supra- sub-gingival calculus, moderate heavy hemorrhage, gingiva buffy, swollen, perio probing, prophy angle/paste, flossed, Tooth: 6 inserted Arestin plug after Chlorhexidine irrigation, OHI and verbal POI given

The patient returned to finish SRP UL, LR, LL 2 days later.  She returned for perio maintenance asymptomatic 1 year (03/19/2015).  It is the best time to remind her of  implant treatment.

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