Abutment Seating Interference

Socket Shield is conducted at #20 (Fig.1-3 *).  With placement of a 4x11.5 mm implant equicrestal lingually, a 4.5x6(2) mm temporary abutment is unable to be seated incompletely (Fig.4 black <) because of proximal crestal interference (white arrowheads).  After use of a 5.5 mm profile drill, a 5.5x5 mm healing abutment is apparently seated completely (Fig.5).  Upon close look, the abutment at #19 is also incompletely seated.  In fact #18/19 temporary crowns and #19 abutment are loose.  A 6.8x4 mm healing abutment is later placed at #19.  Periodontal dressing is applied at #18-20.  In fact buccolingual control of osteotomy is not easy with free hand.  A smaller implant (e.g., 3.5 mm) may be easier.

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