2 Stage

The longest (12 mm) bone trimmer seems not to work over the guide at #15.  When osteotomy finishes, the guide is removed.  The sinus floor happens to have been removed, whereas the sinus membrane remains intact.  After partial insertion of a piece of PRF membrane (due to hemorrhage) and Vanilla graft for sinus lift, a 5x10 mm implant is placed with 15 Ncm.  The implant appears to be short and placed deep (Fig.1,2).  When an implant is not too large, it can be placed ~ 1 mm subcrestal (vs. 2-3 mm for this case) in spite of the palatal wall defect.  A cover screw is used, followed by allograft (Fig.1 *).  The latter is covered with another piece of PRF membrane, collagen membrane (Fig.3) and periodontal dressing.  There is no nasal hemorrhage postop.  PRF membrane and collagen membrane dislodge a few days postop, although the bone graft remain coronal to the implant.  The healed socket appears to have been shrunken buccopalatally 3 months postop (Fig.4), probably due to the absence of an abutment and a provisional.  The mechanics (abutment and provisional) seems to be more important than the chemical (membrane).

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