Severe Bone Loss

--------------- Wed - Mar 18, 2015 ---------------
S: 62 y/o Chinese Male Presented To Clinic for limited exam with cc "Lower Right toothache", dental history: #19 Root Canal Therapy ~ 10 years, #3 extraction 6-7 years, no fever or malaise, last cleaning unknown, Medical History Review: No Significant Finding, No Known Drug Allergy
O: Extra/Oral: facial symmetry, no facial swelling, no trismus, Intra/Oral: Oral Hygiene: poor, + plaque calculus, #3 missing (Fig.1), ridge wide, 19 crown buccal gingival erythema, edema and recession, PA taken. It shows # 19 root fracture, severe bone loss (Fig.2 *)
A: 19 nonsalvageable, partial edentulism
P: Scaling & Root Planing, 19 Extraction, 3,19 implants, treatment plan discussed

An immediate implant is to be placed deep (Fig.3 black area; 6.9x10 mm SM) because of severe bone loss.  The cemented abutment (green area) should be long (length 5.5 mm, cuff 6 mm).  The diameter of the abutment should be 6.8 or 7.8 mm.

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