Fig.6: a 5x17 mm tapered implant is placed with insertion torque > 60 Ncm.

Fig.10: five months postop with immediate provisional.  Bone immediately next to the rough surface of the implant undergoes remodeling (*).

Fig.12: 16 months postop (before impression).

Fig.14: 40 months postop (21 months post cementation).  The cortical bone forms (<).

Fig.15: 97 months postop (2.5 years post cementation).  The cortical bone extends apically along implant threads (<).

Although there is no bone loss around the implant (Fig.17), metal starts to show 5 years 2 months postop (Fig.18 ^), probably related to the buccal placement, too large the implant for the site or buccal plate atrophy (Fig.19).

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