Simultaneous Third Molar Extraction and 2nd Molar Composite

Resin restoration of the distal cervical caries of the lower 2nd molar (Fig.1 <) is usually performed when the extraction socket of the 3rd molar heals.  It is difficult to remove the most cervical portion of the caries.  The healed gingiva may be friable and easily hemorrhagic. 

When the tooth #32 of a 47-year-old man is extracted, two pieces of 2x2 gauze (Fig.2 G) are inserted into the wound for hemostasis and composite is placed at #31 without compromise (Fig.2,3 *).   Finally a 20x10 mm collagen plug is inserted into the socket of #32 prior to suturing to prevent Dry Socket.  There is no leak or 2nd caries 1 year postop (Fig.4).

Professionals #29

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