Super-numerary Lateral

A 6-year-old woman presents to office for limited exam for caries (Fig.1).  What was neglected is a super-numerary tooth (S) between UR2 and 3.  One year later, the extra tooth appears to be erupting (Fig.2) and linguali-zing UR2 (Fig.3 arrow).  PA shows that the extra tooth looks like a lateral (Fig.4).  CT will be taken to decide which tooth needs for extrac-tion.  The super-numerary tooth (S) blocks UR3 descent, as compared to that of UL3 (Fig.5).  The super-numerary tooth with an  abnormal cingulum (Fig.6 *) and dens in dente (Fig.6 ^) should be extracted.

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Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 02/24/2020, last revision 03/03/2020