Dental Education Lecture: Food after Extraction

Earlier we talk about the fact that the presence of lower third molar (wisdom tooth) weakens our lower jaw.  In order to reduce the chance of lower jaw fracture, it is important to take out the wisdom tooth while we are still young.  When we are young, our bone is more flexible/pliable and roots are short.

Some people do not have opportunity to have wisdom tooth extracted early enough.  When they reach 40 years old or more, the bone becomes tough and roots are long.  Extraction is more difficult.  The already weakened jaw may be broken during the surgery. Special sound of click may be heard by the patient and doctor when the jaw is snapped. More strangely enough, fracture may happen a few weeks after extraction.  Therefore, it is essential that we should have light food for some weeks after lower wisdom tooth extraction, particularly when we are 40 or more.   Jaw fracture associated with extraction rarely occurs in young adults.  Early extraction is critical for prevention of jaw fracture.

For other extraction, the chance of jaw fracture is low.  We take light food just for the first 24 hours.

Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 12/26/2010, last revision 12/26/2010