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Dental Education Lecture: Smile Again 

Two months after extraction of several of Dave's teeth and wearing of temporary dentures, we start to make permanent dentures.  Because the temporary dentures are getting loose while extraction wounds are healing and gums shrinking.

The permanent dentures look so good that we cannot help taking three photos (Fig.1,3,4) to share with readers and Dave.

Don't you expect that Dave will smile again (Fig.2)?

Since we took out bad teeth, Dave has been trying hard to keep remaining five teeth very clean, spotless.  This is very important for lower denture, because its stability depends on the natural teeth.  We hope that after wearing these new dentures, he can chew better in addition to that he can smile again.

Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 06/26/2010, last revision 09/28/2012