Partial and Implant

Mary has a lower partial denture (Fig.1 D).  One (*) of her own remaining natural teeth (T) has pain suddenly.  When the denture is removed, the painful tooth (Fig.2 *) is found to have a crack.  The bad tooth needs to be removed (from Fig.3 to 4 arrow).  An implant is placed in the socket immediately (Fig.5 arrow) and stably (Fig.6 I).  Nine days later, the implant is healing (Fig.7).  Four months after surgery, a new crown (Fig.8 C) is in place to hold the partial tight.  Mary has enjoyed the new tooth for every single meal 7 months now.  Even better is that she gets a new partial around the implant crown 9 months later (Fig.9).  The new metal framework (Fig.9 *, as compared to Fig.1,8) makes the partial stable.  The patient chews better.  There is no shrinkage of the bone around the implant 2.5 years after crown cementation.

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