Osteointegrated Implant as Anchorage

The tooth #18 of a 22-year-old lady is tilted and shifted mesially (Fig.1 <).  When the implant at #19 osteointegrated (3 months postop, Fig.2 I), a narrow abutment (A) is placed before the tooth #17 is extracted (X).

Four to five months of comprehensive orthodontic treatment, the tooth #18 is distalized (Fig.3 black arrowhead: >).  Surprisingly, there is coronal growth of bone between the implant and the tooth #18 (white arrow, compare with Fig.1,2).  These two changes are beneficial to the health of the tooth #18 .  第二磨牙近中矫正诱导成骨(图三:箭头)

Fig.4 is 5 years post cementation.  A large abutment has been used for a better profile.  Additional benefit of comprehensive orthodontic treatment is shown next.第二磨牙近中无骨质吸收。

Implant & Ortho 2 Chinese 植牙,导板与正畸

Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 03/27/2011, last revision 01/10/2021