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Mini-implant as an Anchorage for Distalization

The upper right 2nd molar of a 23-year-old lady is mesialized (Fig.1 small arrowhead).  A large implant is planned to be placed at the 1st molar site. 

A mini-implant is placed distal to the 2nd molar (Fig.2,3 M), while a lingual button is placed in the mesial surface of the 2nd molar (Fig.2 B).  Power chain is placed between the mini-implant and the lingual button (Fig.2 R).

Distalization finishes in 3.5 months (Fig.5,6).  The drawback of this technique is lack of body movement; there is no distal occlusal contact at the upper right 2nd molar (Fig.8, as compared to preop (Fig.7)).  The distopalatal cusp of the 2nd molar is buried in the gingiva (Fig.9 *). 

Implant & Ortho 2

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