Partial Denture Does Not Protect Our Teeth

Partial denture is a removable device to replace one to several missing teeth.  It is not only inconvenient, but also has no protection for our teeth when we have a trauma. 

Mr. Hou lost 2 bottom front teeth in his 20s.  Since then he had used a partial denture.  In his 40s, he had an accident, which made the neighboring teeth (Fig.1 #23 and 26) become loose and reddish (>).  The loose teeth were replaced by 2 implants (Fig.2 arrowheads).  A few months later, a 4-unit bridge is cemented (Fig.3).  The bridge (fixed device) is doing great in 7 years (Fig.4).

Unless partial denture, implant is stronger than our own teeth.  In a severe accident, the implant may remain unharmed, while our own teeth may become fractured and/or loose.


Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 01/15/2011, last revision 04/21/2018