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Chin Graft for Lower Incisors

Two mandibular central incisors are congenitally missing from a healthy 36-year-old lady (Fig.1 (**), and Fig.2).  The ridge is atrophic, especially apical to the crest (Fig.2 arrowheads).  A corticocancellous block is harvested from the chin and fixed  in place  with 2 screws (Fig.3 S).  The patient is doing well postop probably due to minimal invasive approach (single donor/recipient site).  The buccal plate morphology improves postop (Fig.4 between arrowhead, apical to a removable denture (D)).  Five months later, a 3.5x11 mm Bicon implant is placed. Two "mini" crowns with pink gingiva are cemented 8 months later (Fig.5,6).  

Crest bone remains stable around the implant 1 year 3 months after crown cementation (Fig.7).  The gingiva is healthy (Fig.8).  Recently the patient returns for follow up  There is no bone loss 4 years (Fig.9) or 6 years 3 months (Fig.10) post cementation.  She eats normally and is pleased with the result.

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