Socket Shield for Canine

Extraction of the residual root at #11 (Fig.1) turns out to be difficult (Fig.2 (arrow: after use of small elevator).  The tooth is sectioned (Fig.2 *); the palatal portion is removed, while the buccal one is trimmed until new moon-shaped and subgingival (Fig.3 * (gauze (G) packed in the socket while photo taking)).  Initial osteotomy is 20 mm deep with nasal floor perforation (Fig.4).  The subsequent depth is 17 mm (Fig.5).  When a 5x17 mm tissue-level implant is placed (Fig.6,7; >60 Ncm), there is a gap between it and the socket shield (Fig.6 *).  Gap-filling Vera Graft (Fig.8 *) also covers the shield prior to fabrication of an immediate provisional (Fig.9).  There is no apparent bone loss 3.5 months postop (Fig.10).

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