New Chapter of My Dental Implant Path

IBS (InnoBioSurg) implant system appears to be attractive to me, because of its new concept (90% bone, 10% Titanium, fin design, primary stability), unique osteotomes and short implant (7 mm).  I will embark upon the breaking status quo journey by presenting cases.  Each case starts with Plan (Why an IBS implant is chosen), followed by Surgery (advantage of the implant being placed) and long-termed Outcome (including failure).  

  IBS Plan Surgery F-U Other Implants Plan Surgery F-U Pending Cases Plan
1 Partial Edentulism 7 mm implant >50 Ncm   Four Lower Incisors 2 1-Piece Implants  Restorative Space 2   #12 Root Fracture  
2 Over-Contoured Bridge Dual Surgical System   Two Upper Centrals No Tap Abutment Diameter   Limited Vertical Height Magicore
3 #14 Crack Septal Expansion Dense Bone   Narrow Space at #29 Narrow Implant BEB 2 3 4 5   Endo-Perio-Maloccl. Splinted Provisional
4 #30 Tripod Septum Magic Split LCP Osteotomy via Roots   Upper Lateral Incisor 1-Piece Implant Apical Perforation   Narrow Ridge #18, 19 BEB
5 Crown Fracture, RPD Small Temp #15 Magic Expanders   Implant Failure Long Implant Used As a Rescuer   1 mm Bone at #2 Sinus Lifter
6 Crack Tooth (#2) CMC Overprep Ortho #15 Large Defect Sinus Lifter Hard Sinus Floor 1 Year Post Extraction Ideal Trajectory
7 Several Missing Teeth #14,15 Soft Bone Dual Modes   #29 B-L Uneven Crest Post Upright 5mm Cuff Abutment Redo From RPD to Implants 1 or 2 Implants?
8 #21 Residual Root Mesiolingual Entry Lingually Placed   #30 Narrow B-L Width Ortho Gains Bone 1-Piece Implant   1-4 mm at #3,14,15 Sinus Lifter
9 #4 Perio Long Implant M-D Uneven Bone   #19 Tripod Septum 7.8 mm Abutment Osteotomy via Roots   3-4 mm at #14,15 Magic Lift
10 #14 Bone Loss BEB Mission Completed   #30 Narrow Ridge Long Termed Edent Shallow Placement   Low Density at Medulla 20, 28,29
11 #4 Fractures Sinus Septum PBR   #7,8,10, Flapless Angled 1-Piece Flap for #7,8   Deciduous Canine Varied Bone Density
12 #30 Root Tip Fracture Septoplasty Short Implant   #10, 14 Space Issues Small Implants 1-P, 15c Fracture   #29 with PARL Treatment options
13 #14,18 Different Height Different Approaches Abutment Cuff 9m Perio, Endo, Bruxism Long Implant, Tap Palatally Placed   Crowding 2 Premolars One Tooth Width
14 Severe Pain Several Years after RCT Thin Septum of #19   Displaced Root of #7 Visibility Subcrestal Place.      
15 Emergency Extraction 9 mm Bone at #2 As Short As Possible Loos 1 Year Post Ext Ideal Trajectory How to Change (tap)      
16 #19 Large Bone Defect Immediate Implant Depth Control Two Molar Implants Surgical Stent Is Helpful    
17 From Lateral Window to Crestal Approach 1st CMC (redo)   Long Implant for #21 Abutment with 5 mm cuff      
18 #14 Palatal Defect Buccal Placement Not Large Enough Tatu Long Implant for #6 1 Piece for #7 Socket Shield   #19 Large Roots Deviated Mesially
19 Bridge Failure Magicore 1 mm Cuff   Establish Correct Implant Position Avoid Perforation   Long Implant without Invading Sinus
20 #14 Long Bone Not Invade Sinus Magic Split   #6,7,15 1-Piece, Magicore Narrow Ridge   Soft, Long Bone, Perio Implant/Bone Ratio
21 Protect Buccal Plate Socket Shield Vertical Height   #7 Root Fracture GSC 15 mm implant 1-Piece Angled Impl      
22 #3 Sufficient Bone Long, Large Implant Large Septum   #19 Pointed Ridge CD Trim, 5mm cuff Place with GBR   #14 Narrow M-D Width Ortho/Implant/Ortho
23 Perio, Bruxism, Implant Placed Next to IAN Angled Abutment Redo #2 Close to Sinus PRF 7 mm Implant      
24 Residual Roots Septum or Not, Large Not Palatal Enough   #13 Smoker, Bruxer 5 mm Cuff Narrow, Long Impla   #21 Severe Atrophy One Stage Procedure
25 #4 Cracks Immediate Implant Without Drill   Failed Lower Ant FPD 1-Piece, 5 mm Cuff Narrow Implant      
26 Advanced Periodontitis Implant Protection Sinus Lift with PRF  Ortho Perio, Bone Loss 3-Wall Contact Perio Surg Ç Graft Redo  2 #19: 18 mm implant 3-Pointed Fixation
27 Upright #31 #30 Implantation Continue Upright   Severe Bony Defect Long Implant Locks into M-D Bone   #19: Longest implant Large Mesial Defect
28 Supraerupted Opposing Magicore Cuff Enough Vertical Space   #8,9 Atrophic Ridge 2.5 mm 1-Piece WH Possible Buc. Perf      
29 #17 Immediate Implant As Upright Anchor Extract for Efficiency   Advanced Perio UL Long Cuff Wax-up 2 Trajectory Change      
30 #28 Narrow M-D Space 1-Piece Implant Buccal Plate Atrophy   Immediately Load FPD Septum Osteotomy Engage Sinus Floor      
31 Periimplantitis-Induced Abscess; Immediate Replacement   #15 Sufficient Height Thick Gingiva Bone Expander      
32 Cantilever FPD Largest Implant Change Trajectory Redo Sur   Periodontitis/Bruxism Explore Socket YZW Large Implant at #18      
33 #3 Large Septum Provisional Margin Sinus Membrane Perf D Wide Premolar Space 2 of 2 mm 1-Piece Possible Deciduous      
34 Soft Bone at #2 Bone Condensation Magic Expanders D Never too big  ZCY Mesial Socket Perimplantitis Redo 2    
35 Upper 2nd Molar Osteotomy M-D Control     #29,30 Type I or II Overprep      
36 #31 Narrow M-D Space Narrow Implant Flap Surgery LW   #30 Class V Furcation Involvement Spongy Bone Intrus    
37 #18 Wide Ridge WJM Trajectory Control Mesial Socket Place.   Bruxer, #31 Long Impl Supraerupted Shorter than Planned      
38 Implants Change Cl II Occlusion to Cl I One Ridge Reduction HSF   #31 RPD abutment Reliable Landmark Temp Provisional      
39 #3,4 Residual Roots DC Underprep, No Prep Short Clinical Crown   2nd Surg #7,13 (Perio)   5 mm Cuff      
40 Post Socket Preservation Magicore Flapless Surgery   #7 Partial Edentulism Socket Shield Long Implant      
41 #30,31 Advanced Perio Tap Drill, Upright Narrow Implant High T   29-31 Severe Bone Loss; Long Sockets Uneven B-L Bone      
42 #4,5 Long Implants Split, Expanders Less is More Mod LR Ant Residual Root Narrow Long Impl 1-Piece Implant      
43 Advanced Perio Long Cuff UL 1.6 mm Sinus Floor Mob #31 Residual Roots, RPD Bony Landmark Simplified Temp   #15 Palatal Root Split Buccal Placement
44 #13 Varied Density Flapless, ME Flexible System   #24 Horizontal Fracture Implant 2 mm Cuff Angled 1-Piece      
45 Deciduous Molar Wide Ridge Dense Bone   Failing FPD 2-4 Dual Modes Osteotomy Depth   Increased PDL Bone Graft
46 #19 1 or 2 implants?   Dual Post Socket Pres.   #18 RCT Failure Mesial Wall Mesial Socket   Angled Abutments with 5 mm Cuff
47 Place #18 implant at #17 Socket Depth Control #9-11, 4 months post ext Gold-coated Abut. 1-Piece Implants    
48 #4 Post-Induced Root Fracture 5 mm Implant Mod Periimplantitis Smoker Redo, CMC/BEB 7-8 mm Gingiva   Abscess from #31 or 32  
49 #29 Post Socket Preservation #30 BEB   #3 Buccal Roots Expose 6 mm Cuff PRF Membrane       
50 #20 Long Roots Long Implant Mental Loop   #26 Buccal Fistula Lingual Placement Loss of Buccal Plate      
51 #14 2 layers of Sinus Floor PRF for Sinus Lift   #13 Bruxism Increased PDL Sinus Floor Perf 12    
52 #13 Crown Fracture PRF for Sinus Floor Change in Trajectory   #4 Periimplantitis Thread Removal PRF instead of Graft      
53 #14 Paper Thin Sinus Floor Magic Lifter Simultaneous Implant   #2 Crack Tooth Implant Fills Socket 8x17 mm Implant      
54 #13 Crack 4x15 mm Implant Plug for Sinus Lift   #20 Root Fracture Buccal Defect Take Pan for Height      
55 #15 Thin Bone; Prevent Implant into Sinus Sinus Floor Thickens   #22,24 UF, 1-Piece Implants Depth Control      
56 #14 Endo-Perio Disease Single Drill Core Type II Bone   #8 Post Osseous Surgery Intraligamental Injec.      
57 #18 2nd Caries IBS or Tatum Adjust Trajectory   #23 Endo Perio Dz Determine Cuff First Narrow M-D Space   #15 Severe MB Bone Loss Distopalatal Placement
58 #14 Low Density Place Deep Bone Graft Where Needed   #14 Sufficient Height Bone Expanders Combined with Drill      
59 #28 Perio Angled Abutment Short, Small Implant   #25 Lingual Abscess Center Placement Allograft Fills Defect      
60 #14 Endo Perio Dz IBS Tap Bone Height   LR Failing Bridge #29 Large Defect Close to Loop      
61 #2 4 Months Post Ext PRF/Graft Pre-dum Wide Ridge, Wide Implant   Soft, Long Bone, Perio Implant/Bone Ratio Time for Surg Guide   #29 Osteoporosis Underprep
62 #19 Periimplantitis Etiology & Treatment Long-Cuffed Abutment   #5,12,13 Long Bone PA after 1st Drill Soft Bone 16 mm Impl      
63 #30 Thin Septum Septal Resection 6 mm Implant   #30 Long Defect Long Implant Nearly Hit Nerve   #2 Single Long Socket Tap Drills
64 #15 Vertical Clearance Control Initial Depth Soft Bone not Underprep   #30 Drifting, 7mm Abutment  6 mm Cuff Sinus Master Kit      
65 #2 Trifurcated Roots Septum Resection Mesial Slope Mod #3 4 mm Bone Height 6 mm Gingiva Buccal Socket   Curved Root Trajectory
66 #14 BEB through Residual Root Socket Flap Transfer   #30 Low Bone Density Expansion or 1-Piece Ridge Reduction      
67 #20 Close to Mental Loop Implant within Apex RPD as Surgical Guide #30 Long Termed Missing 3 mm Magicore 1-Piece Implant Tooth Shift: Post-impl Ortho
68 #18 Fistula after RCT with Several Canals Distortion of PAs   #26, 27 (RCT) Splinted Provisional Prevent Perforation      
69 #15 Mesial Shift Pre-implant Ortho #14 Narrow Ridge   #23,25 Incisive Canal 14 mm 1-Piece 2 & 2.5 mm 1-Piece      
70 #31 Perimplantitis Redo 2nd Redo   Atrophic Upper Ridge #8-13 2-3 mm 1-Piece Implants      
71 #2 PARL,Crack, 2 Fistulae Severe Bone Loss 6.5x11 mm, Control Depth   #31 DO Subgingival Caries Long Implant Calculate Length   #24-26 Severe Bone Loss 2 Implants
72 #30 Pain Post RCT Retreat Multi-Drills; 5.5x13 Tap with Soft Tissue Mark   #14,15 Narrow Mesiodistal Space            Resistant  to Expanders   #23-26 Advanced Perio  
73 #2 Long-Termed Residual Roots 1st Magicore for Immediate   #14 No Sinus Floor 6 mm Cuff Failed Placement   FPDs' Failure 18,20 Lingual Place.
74 #14 Halt Transition from Perio to Periimplant Septal Slope: Sequential Os   #24,25 One Implant Two Crowns 4 mm Cuff   #29 Periimplantitis Immediate Redo
75 #14 Severe Bone Loss Sinus Lifter & IBS Fin Retrieve Impl. from Sinus   #29 Distally-Deviated Root Mesiolingual Entry Just Avoid Loop   UL Quadrant Treatment Options
76 #3 Residual Roots BEB with Implant Sinus Lift with Implant   #30 Small Diameter Implant with Premolar Width #31 Socket Preserv      
77 #30-32 Failed FPD Magicore FC Instead   #2,3,5 perio, bruxism 5 mm Cuff Mill Abutments   #14 Crack Socket Preservation
78 #14 PARL Post RCT Osteotomy Shifting Hard Bone Shorter Implant   #10 Fractured Crown 1 or 2-Piece Implant Existing Crown      
79 #15 Place Implant Not So Deep Septum Shorter than CT   #8,9 Post-Related Crown Fracture Existing Crowns   #30,31 Narrow M-D Space 1 or 2 Implants?
80 #19 Pontic: Magicore or 1-Piece Implant Wide Ridge: Magicore   Lower RPD Retained by Ball Abutment at #17 Short and Quick      
81 #9 Crown/Post Fracture Metal Shade Abutment 4 mm Abutment   #4 Distally Displaced Root Mesial Slope Entry Shifting of Implant   #18 Increased PDL Mesial Slope
82 Initial Treatment plan #31 Upright #30 FC Ortho #23-26 Severe Mobility 1 or 2-Piece Narrow Change Osteotomy   #15 Severe Buccal Bone Loss
83 #31 9 mm Implant 4 mm Native Bone  Placement Failure   #6 Severe Atrophy 6 mm Cuff   or Mill Abutment Change to Large Imp      
84 #18 Large Radiolucency Taps/Dummy/Osteotomy 8x14 mm Screw Implant   #4 Periapical Radiopaque 2 Point Engagement Executed as Planned      
85 #15 Severe MB Bone Loss Distopalatal Placement 1 mm Sinus Floor   #3 Thick Gingiva Mill Abutment Bone Expansion      
          #15 Fistula post RCT Mesial Slope Avoid Extracting #16      
          #12 Crown Fracture, Next to PARL RPD Clearance      
  #13 Loose Crown Sinus Lift with PRF     #8 Horizontal Root Fracture Longest Implant Hollowed Crown      
  Change FPD to Implant #3 with 7 mm Height     #4 Extraction For A Molar Implant Executed as Planned      
  #19 Possible Tripod Septum     #3-5 Extraction for Provisional FPD Control Osteotomy Depth      
          #13 Root Tip Curves Distal Mesial Slope Trajectory Correction      
  #2-5 Failing FPD Exploratory Procedure     #11 Equigingival Fracture Socket Shield Has to be Done      
  #18 7 mm Bone Where to Place     #29 Avoid Mental Loop Reduce Ridge/1-Piece 11.5 mm Implant      
  #30 Moderate Ridge Flapless     #14 Crack Control Depth 8.5 mm Depth      
          #3 Used as Surgical Guide Prior to Extraction Septal Undercut      
  #18,19 Anchors to Upright #20     #30 Narrow Ridge 2 of 1-Piece Implants 2.5 mm 1-Piece Implants      
          #30 Buccolingual Fistulae Long Implant Depth Control      
          #4 Crack 4x16 mm Implant Placed Deep      
          #15 Residual Roots with Reduced M-D Space        
          #4 Vertical Root Fracture Post Apicoectomy        
          #14 Palatal Root Fracture Shy of Sinus Floor        
          #10 Residual Root Socket Shield        
          #18-20 FPD will be Sectioned Twice        
          #19,20 Perio Abscess after SRP        
          #7 Perio Abscess Post Lower Quadrant SRP        
          #4 Vertical Root Fracture Post Apicoectomy        
          #30 Severe Bone Loss, Bone /Tissue Level Implant        
  #29 Root Fracture Single Drill                
          #3 Crack, Possible Bruxism Tissue-level Implant     #18 Root Resorption What Should be Done?
          #14,15 Root Caries Ortho or Not     #14 Supraerupted #19 Early Loading

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Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 07/24/2016, last revision 10/19/2017