Immediate Posterior Provisional Bridge

A 47-year-old man has lost a lower left fixed partial denture (FPD) for a while (Fig.1,2).  There is limited space between the abutments (of the teeth #18 and 20) and the opposing dentition.  The edentulous ridge is wide enough to use a 4 mm tissue punch.  A 5.3x14 mm bone-level implant is to be placed (Fig.2).  The base of the implant is at the level of the apices of the neighboring teeth.  As compared to Fig.1 in term of the Inferior Alveolar Canal (yellow line), there should be enough safe margin.  The first intraop PA is taken after 2 mm pilot drill for depth and trajectory check,  Drill stops are to be used for safety.  If primary stability is achieved, an abutment is placed and a provisional bridge will be fabricated to prevent further narrowing of the interocclusal clearance during 3-4 months of osteointegration.  How is outcome?

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