Why is Posterior Immediate Provisional (IP) Needed

As well known, a lot of patients are excited to know presence of immediate implants when their teeth are nonsalvageable.  A few of them ask why not to place crowns immediately.  When they learn the concept of micromovement, their reply is universal: "I am not going to chew with them".  In fact, they apparently keep the promise.  So far all of posterior immediate provisionals have succeeded.  The most basic factor is that there is no occlusal contact in addition to primary stability.

In fact posterior immediate provisionals are essential in partial edentulous re-habitation.  The neighboring teeth (particularly distal ones) may shift to the implant recipient area when patients have periodontal issue, bruxism and malocclusion.  The immediate provisionals with normal proximal contact can prevent the restorative disaster.  Provisionals can be single or multiple units.  As a matter of fact, multiple units in splint appear to offer better stability.

Single Unit Multiple Units
Early and Over Loading Early Provisional Same Old Topic Splinting
Provisional covers the remaining socket Thick Gingiva, Subgingival Margin LL 1st Molar Immediate Provisional
One Piece Implant Immediate Provisional at Healed Site Splinted to Neighbor Immediate Loading
"It is terrible to lose a tooth" After Upper 1st Molar Septum Placement Wound Protection Immediate Bridge 2 3
"Can you just put a tooth back?" Lower 2nd Molar with Fractured Septum Immediate Impression Provisional Splinted to Healed Implants 2
#18 shifts mesially while #19 is osteointegrating Provisional Detects Space Issue Instantly 1-Piece Bicuspid Implants  Delayed Implants, Immediate Splinting
#1 tilts into #2 immediate implant site When to Trim Provisional Margin? No Cement 2 3 4 5 6 7 Splint Delayed and Immediate Implants
#3 immediate provisional is removed prematurely Cosmetic Zone Cosmetics 2 3 From Cantilever to Non-Cantilever
  Provisionals oppose each other Case 2 Control Ortho Direction Distal splinted provisional dislodges easily
Convenient for Patients who Live far Provisional Stabilizes Loose Implant 2 When Not Place IP? Provisional should have been fabricated
Early Provisional, Requested by Patient Provisional Stabilizes Perio Dressing, Hemostasis Subgingival Margin 3-unit (including 1 piece implant) bridge
Keep Restorative Space and Margin, Lower Molar Intraop Modification of Provisional Conjoined Provisional 2 (2') Immediate FPD for Smoker 2
Early Restoration, Requested by Patient Keep #1 from drifting mesially No Immediate Provisional Splinting for Narrow Ridge
Patient who Leaves Country Soon Immediate Provisional in Cosmetic Zone   From Removable to Fixed Prosthesis
Emergency Complete Socket Seal   Small Diameter (1 Piece) Implants
When Can I have a Permanent Crown? Keep 3rd molar for Provisional Retention   Long Spanned FPD
No Provisional Tends to delay Treatment 3-units Provisional keeps membrane in place   Perio Dressing is a Better Approach
Provisional opposes a RPD Keep 3rd molar for Provisional Retention   Thick Gingiva Difficult to Adapt to Temp
#31 Relatively Hassel-free, Early Finish Provisional keeps membrane in place   Early Provisional
Early Provisional using 3 Implants Large Abutment & Provisional Close Molar Socket   Provisionals Without Prep
Provisional covers next extraction site Minimal Postop Pain Due to Provisional & Perio Dressing   Provisionals by stage
Provisional keeps bone graft in place Used as Final Restoration   Splinted Provisional for Short Implants
Two Portions of Provisional Covers buccal gap   Long Abutments for Splinted Provisional
Provisional & Ortho

Single Provisional Without Cement

  Existing Bridge Used as Provisional
Immediate Provisional Post Bone Condensation     Splint Implants at Different Stages 2
      Provisional Covers Extraction Socket

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