Immediate Implant Supporting Provisional Bridge

--------------- Thu - Mar 19, 2015 ---------------
S: 69 y/o KF PTC for limited exam with cc "I cannot chew well after LR bridge removal. LL pain", dental history: no fever or malaise, last cleaning unknown, MHR: NSF, NKDA
O: E/O: facial symmetry, no facial swelling, no trismus, I/O: OH: fair, multiple missing teeth, 29-31 ridge pointed, 17 Buccal cervical caries, 15,16 missing
A: 17 nonsalvageable, partial edentulism
P: 17 Ext, CBCT, 15,29-31 implants (Fig.2), treatment plan discussed
T: Tooth: 17 after obtaining verbal and written sx consent, Xylo 34 mg, Epi 17 mcg LA, routine ext with straight elevators and forceps, curette, copious irrigation, 2x2 gauze, hemostatic. Pt was doing well. POI (written and oral) and extra gauze given.
NV: RTC PRN (for abbreviation, see a referenced case)

Impression will be taken for model surgery and CBCT and surgical stents will be fabricated.  If insertion torque is high for each implant, an immediate provisional bridge will be made between #29 and 31.

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