Orthodontic & Restorative Intrusion

Fig.1 is taken 5 days post implant placement at #18-20 with periodontal dressing in place (D).  The tooth #15 is supraerupted (Fig.1,2 arrow) with limited vertical space for restoration.  Two mini-implants are being placed (Fig.3).  Two months later, the affected tooth appears to have been intruded with formation of a diastema between the molars (Fig.4 *).  A single unit provisional is fabricated at #18 with more occlusal contact distally (Fig.5 <) so that when the patient occludes, there is clearance between the rest of the dentition (Fig.6 *).  The lingual mini-implant is removed at the patient's request.  In approximate 1 month, the tooth #15 appears to have been intruded further with closure of the diastema. The buccal mini-implant is removed.  The single-unit provisional is easily broken and dislodged.  It is then splinted to the two anterior splinted units (Fig.5: #19 and 20).

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