Immediate Implant vs. Socket Preservation

A 79-year-old woman returns to clinic suddenly, requesting extraction of the tooth #31 with mobility III (3 years 8 months post cementation for #25; 2 years 6 months post cementation for #18-20; Fig.4).  An immediate implant is planned (Fig.1).  After extraction, the large socket has relatively small opening, seemingly easy to keep bone graft in place.  The immediate implant with 2-3 mm native bone may not have primary stability, most likely losing its ability to hold bone graft.  Therefore socket preservation is conducted at #31.  In contrast there is enough bone for an immediate implant at #15 (Fig.2) with palatal root fracture (Fig.3 (palatal view)). 

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Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 12/14/2018, last revision 12/26/2018