Socket Shield If Necessary

A 38-year-old skinny woman has several missing teeth (Fig.1).  Recently a #6-7 cantilever FPD dislodged (Fig.2,3).   The buccal plate at #6 must be thin.  Socket shield should be indicated, particularly when extraction turns out to be difficult.  A 4x13 mm IS implant is going to be inserted as distal as possible to avoid touching the apex of the tooth #5 (Fig.4,5).  Since the ridge at #7 is narrow, a 1-piece implant will be placed (possible 2.5x14(2) mm, Fig.5).  Take PA after the 1st drills.  Take preop photos to show the residual root at #6 and the narrow ridge at #7.

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Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 01/06/2018, last revision 01/19/2018