Implants in Stage

Due to finance, the implant at H or 11 will be placed first.  Although the tooth H is loose, try Socket Shield if appropriate.  In fact it is not practical, since the alveolus is narrow.  Maybe 1-piece implants are the best option.

The 2nd revision (Fig.6-8).  After #11 implant placement (Fig.9,10), turn to the buccal concavity at #C (Fig.11).  Make a mesial remote vertical incision (Fig.12 red line).  Use Molt's curette or sinus lift instruments for dissection (Fig.13 blue dashed line) and a round diamond bur connected to a surgical handpiece for bleeding surface (green) before bone graft.  Take 5x5 cm CT.  A few months later, the regenerated buccal plate (Fig.14 white curved line) allows placement of a 3.5x13 mm implant with reduced chance of buccal perforation.

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