First Stage of Ortho

The main purpose of the 1st stage of ortho is to intrude the tooth #29 using implants at the sites of #28,30 as anchorages (Fig.1,2).  If possible, intrusion of #27 is also needed.  Since #24-26 is an implant supported bridge, one bracket in the pontic appears to be sufficient (Fig.2).  Bracketing is also planned to extend to the lower left until #21 to distalize #22 (Fig.3).  Supraeruption of #12 blocks the distalization.  It appears that the supraeruption should be corrected after #13 implant placement (using the latter as an anchorage).

The bracket at the site of #25 is lost when the patient has the first meal.  The rest of brackets are dislodge in a few days.  This 66-year-old man does not want to pursue the ortho treatment.  We are in dilemma.

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Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 10/23/2014, last revision 12/21/2014