Implant in Tuberosity? 

A fifty-eight-year-old man has had an upper partial for a while.  One of abutment teeth, #15, is loose (Fig.1,2).  He is willing to do anything except not using the existing partial.  Our plan is to extract #15, place an implant (4x14) in the 3rd molar area oblique, place an angled abutment, place a crown at the site of #15 and finally reuse the partial (Fig.2).  Fig.3 is a cross section through the long axis of the presumptive implant drawn in Fig.2.

Or is it a better idea to place an implant at the site of #15 several months after extraction?

Dr Wei, Implant in #15 position : I would try to place wide diameter implant in #15 position at time of tooth removal. If not able to stabilize, I would graft with Rocky Mountain bone and place implant in 4 months. Dr Borgner

Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 07/31/2012, last revision 09/30/2018