Ridge Split (Part I)

The ridge of the lower right molar is narrow buccolingually (Fig.1).  After incision, ridge split is finished with a surgical fissure bur (Fig.2,3). 

The patient is scheduled to return for implant placement 3 weeks later.  The red lines in Fig.4 (CT coronal section) represent bony cuts in the ridge.  A transverse incision is made over the top of the ridge with minimal exposure of the ridge.  A curved osteotome is inserted into the upper bony cut (Fig.5).  As the chisel is tapped in, the buccal segment moves buccally (Fig.6 pink arrow).  When the chisel is withdrawn, a pilot drill is used to initiate osteotomy (Fig.7).  As drills increase in diameter, the buccal segment continues moving buccally (Fig.8).  Finally a bone-level implant (4.1 or 4.5x12 mm, Fig.9) or sub-crestal implant (4 or 4.5x8) is placed.  Will the ridge split work?

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