Thank you for visiting our website. This is Dr. Wei.  I am a general dentist.  I have received dental education both in China and USA.  I have also obtained master and PhD degrees in dental and medical sciences.  Extensive training (CV) allows me to serve you and your family dental needs in a all-around manner. Most of dental treatment can be conducted in my office, including wisdom tooth extraction, implant surgery, filling, crowns, denture, bridge, root canal, and braces.  More importantly we place particular emphasis on painless dentistry.  You will be surprised to find out that painless dentistry is reality in this office.  Every step is gentle with your concern in our mind.  I will treat you the same way I would like to be treated both in mind and body.  In other word, we try every mean to make your visit as comfortable as possible. Last, we feel that prevention is essential in oral health.  After each exam or treatment, we will show you how to improve your oral hygiene so that you have less chance to get bad teeth again.  In this website, you are going to see short lectures on oral health.  There are 4 categories of the lectures: Kid, Adult, Implant and Other as shown on your left.   Every piece of dental work, photo, and drawing shown in this website is original, i.e., done in this office, unless specified.

We have fine dental facilities and people to serve you. Welcome comment and question.  For appointment, call 770-814-2212.  Here is your guide how to get to our office.  To save your time, please fill out New Patient Form (printing instruction) and fax it to us (888-909-5893) or bring it to our office. Also read, print and sign consent for a certain procedure if you are sure that you are going to do it.  Thanks again.

Please fill out the form (Chinese) before you return to our clinic during Coronavirus Pandemic and text at 770-814-2282.

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