Implant Planning for Lateral Incisor

Fig.1 show the sagittal section of the upper left lateral incisor prior to orthodontic treatment.  A 3.5x14mm implant is planned to be placed (bone level).  Five months of orthodontic treatment results in increased mesiodistal width of the lateral (Fig.2,3), approximately 7 mm, equivalent to that of the #7.  A 4x20 mm implant (tissue level) is planned (Fig.3).

Alternatively, a 3.8x14 mm SM implant is to be placed, followed by insertion of temporary abutment (torx, 3.9 mm in diameter) or 25 angled abutment, and fabrication of immediate provisional (Fig.4)

For safety, one piece implant should be used (Fig.5: 3x17 or 20 mm with built in 15 angled abutment).

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Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 11/15/2013, last revision 02/19/2017