Model Surgery (Ortho Design)

Fig.1 is the lateral view of preop model.  Red arrow indicates supraeruption of the central incisor. 

The first step of ortho is to place brackets on upper teeth for expansion and central incisor intrusion (Fig.2 red arrow).  Compare black arrows in Fig.1,2 for the intrusion.

Fig.3 is the lateral view of the right posterior occlusion: UR6,7 supraeruption. 

Initial ortho is to intrude UR6,7 and distalize and upright LR 5 (Fig.4)

Once the upper ortho is finished, there will be enough space (Fig.5 arrows) to place brackets for lower teeth.  Subsequently, normal overbite and overjet is established (Fig.6).

Fig.7,8 predict final outcome of orthodontic treatment.

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