Immediate Implant CBCT Follow Up

Post- # Purpose  
Op Cem
0d   5 Bone Condensation  
5d   14 In the middle of the alveolus *  
10d   3,4,10 Implant Placement in Narrow Ridge  
6m   29 Implant Malpositioning  
7m 3m 3 Thick Buccal Plate  
11m 7m 13 Dense Buccal Bone  
16m 12m 2 8x17 mm Cylindrical implant  
3y2m 2y10m 4/5 Thin Buccal Plate  

Op: operative; Cem: cementation; #: tooth number; d: day (0: immediately postop); m: month; y: year; *: non-immediate implant;

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Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 01/23/2016, last revision 11/08/2017