Discolored Canine with Apical Obliterated Canal M

A 36-year-old woman (after #3 immediate implant and #31 socket preservation) wants to take care of the discolored canine 20 years post orthodontic treatment with extraction (Fig.1-3).  RCT (Fig.4) appears to whiten the tooth (Fig.5 (A4)). The darkness appears to rebound 1 month post RCT, after removal of Gutta Percha for take home internal and external bleaching (Fig.6).  The patient returns for composite after 3-week whitening (Fig.7,8).  The shades of composite are bleach (flowable, C1) and B1 (packable, C2, Fig.9).  The shade of the RCT tooth is compatible with that of the neighboring teeth 4 months post composite (Fig.10) when the implant at #3 has a new abutment.

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