Ortho Cases

On Going Phase I Phase II Adult Implant Pending Project
Fuyi: Proximal Reduction Hilary Gina 1 2 3 Jessica 2 Prevent Relapse Mr. Qian 1 Zhang 1 Barry 1 1
7s Cross Bite Devon 1 2 3 Willie: 1 2 B/A/F-U Natalie 1 2 3 4 5 Model Facial Comparison Kaiyi Mickey 1 Blocked Out Incisors 2
2nd bi extraction Maya 2 3 Ven Posterior Overjet 3 Take Over: Models Photos Deep Bite Close Space Qingqing Ortho for Perio 3
Extraction for Cosmetics Steps Christina 1 2 3 4 Non-Extraction Deep Bite Impression Christen 2 3 4 5 Retention Discolor X Intraoral Upright LL5 Sisters Ext 1st 4
Ortho for OH Implant Eric Sling Shot Model Necrosis Jennifer: Microdontia 2 Cl II Retraction B/A Severe Crowding Banding Upright UL7 Class I 5
30 Immediate 31 Delayed Intrusion Laura Dian 1 2 3 Alison 2 3 Models Profile/Midlines 2y3m  Li: En Mass Proximal Reduction Miniimplants Severe Crowding Nice Profile Photos 6
Ortho Instead of Implant Linwei Joshua Relapse Nina Upright LL5 with Implant Anchor After Implant Unfinished 7
7 Micro-dontia Katherine Adam 2 3 4 5 Macrod B & A X Ext 2nd Bi Instead of 1st for Ortho Upright UL7 Before Implant   Tyler 2 8
28 Implant with Ortho Ortho Extrusion Blocked out Bicuspid 2 Congenital Missing Lateral Midline Miniimplants for Intrusion at #14   XiaoXuan 9
UL7 Upright for 2 Implants   Blocked out Canine LR5 Rotates #7 Cross Bite Post #9 Implant   Complications 10 Posted Archwire
Facial Class I Occl Class II LL7 Impact   Post-ortho Whitening Jeff: HLD Early Power Chain Model Profile Upright UL After Implant   Necrosis 11
Crowding Bracketing   David L Non Extraction Extrude UL5 Overjet Band Space B/A Extrude 3rd Molar Compreh Ortho Model   Canine Discolor w/o Ext 12 Braided Archwire 2
Mesialization of LL 7 8   David P + Extraction Asymmetric Extraction; Retraction R7 Cross Bite   Canine Discolor w/ Ext  
Control M-D Molar Position  Ext or Not 2 B & A Photo Shallow Overbite Short Roots Adult
Early Correction: Cross Bite  Ms. Xu 1 Self Drifting Post P Ext Relapse Prevent
1st Clear Aligner   Michelle Left Open Coil Spring First Periodontitis Wax Up   Protrusive Lips Bleach  
Ramus Anchor   Continuous Use of Power Chains F-U Erupting Upper 2nd Molars 2,15 Intrusion   Overlapping Microdontia  
      Canine Premature Eruption B & A 19,29 Narrow Space/Ridge   Crowding & Impaction  
Ext or Not: CT       Impacted Canine      
19 Narrow M-D       29 Upright FMR   Enamel Hypoplasia  
        E Space      
        14 Single Socket Ortho   32 Temporary Anchor  

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