External Fixation M

After undersized drilling in depth at #10 (2.2x13 mm (10.5 mm offset), Fig.1), a 2.5x13 mm 1-piece implant is placed (Fig.2,3), as compared to the design (Fig.3').  Following 3 more turns of the implant (~ 20 Ncm), bone graft and heavy buccal reduction of the coronal end of the abutment, an immediate provisional is bonded to the tooth #9 (Fig.4) and splinted to the tooth #11 with a twisted wire (Fig.5).  To increase stability and reduce reduction, a 3 mm 1-piece implant could be used with 15 degree abutment.  The implant remains stable 5 months postop (Fig.6).  The implant seems to be flexible before heavy occlusal reduction; note the periimplant micro-space (Fig.7).  The patient is a bruxer.  The implant crown seems to be minimally mobile 2 months post cementation (Fig.8, without treatment).  牙冠粘固后1年1个月软硬组织正常(图九)。

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