Multiple Teeth as Distalization Anchorage

The upper left 2nd molar is mesially tilted and shifted (Fig.2 M2, as compared to Fig.1 (CBCT)).  The 3 mesial teeth are planned as an anchorage (Fig.3) for distalization (Fig.4).  In fact the anchor teeth are shifting (more anchor teeth are needed) so that a mini-implant is placed distopalatal to the 2nd molar (Fig.5 yellow pin).

The edentulous space increases from 6.7 mm to 9.4 mm in the next 4 months (Fig.6) with an implant being placed (I: 5x14 mm).  In 3-4 months, the shifted anchor teeth return to normal position and four crowns are to be delivered (Fig.7,8).  The crown has buccolingual mobility ~ 7 years post cementation (Fig.9).

Implant & Ortho 2 Professionals Remove Placement Stable Angled Unipost

Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 05/23/2012, last revision 08/06/2020