Immediate implant at the site of #13 is the last implant to be placed for full mouth reconstruction (Fig.1 CT sagittal section; 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8).  The sequence of the treatment is due to insurance benefit issues.  In fact brackets for orthodontics were dislodged due to carelessness by the patient.  He does not want to pursue this mode of treatment.  Either prior to or after implant placement, bone graft will be placed distally (in large amount (red circles) next to a 5x20 mm tapered implant).  If primary stability is acceptable, an immediate provisional is fabricated.  He will be traveling abroad soon.

There is no plan to place an implant distal to #13.  Therefore an implant larger than 5 mm could be placed at the site of #13.  The advantage is that the remaining gap will be smaller with less amount of bone graft to be placed.

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