PRF vs. GEM21S (Proximal Sheath)

Or use Augma to occupy the space (M).  Temp, Augma and buccal acrylic reline, which will be removed ~ 1 month postop.

Hello Dr. Xin
Both cases can be relatively simple in both of them I would recommend extraction and grafting and in the second stage after 3-4 month to place the implant, since you need to correct hard and soft tissue.
After extraction and debridement  place and compact the Bond apatite and then secure collagen sponge/plug (that can last 7-10 days ) according to the protocols
After 3- 4 months reenter for implant placement
Please watch in the link below our short 30 minutes  on -line course describing  the protocols
Dr. Amos Yahav DMD

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