2 mm Bone On Either Side of Implant

A 64-year-old man requests implant for the loose tooth at #10.  The bone width is 5.5 mm (Fig.1); with 2.5 mm implant, there is 1.5 mm of the bone on the either side of the implant.  The ideal width is 2 mm, which is safe, preventing buccal or palatal plate perforation.  The buccal crest is lower when the tooth is extracted (Fig.4).  Following trajectory confirmation (Fig.2), a 2.5x12(2) mm implant is placed a little deeper than expected to ensure no implant thread exposure with bone graft (Fig.3,5). The bone loss at #8 and 9 (Fig.2,3) is associated with the narrow ridge.  The surface treatment of 1-piece implants is not as good as that of regular ones.  The threads appears to be covered by the bone or bone graft 4 months postop (Fig.6).

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