CBCT was taken (Fig.1,2 (P: pontic; S; submandibular fossa)) several months prior to #29 and 31 RCT and #31 porcelain chip (Fig.3).  When the bridge is sectioned, the pointed ridge at #30 (Fig.1 >) is confirmed (Fig.4,5).  After flattening the ridge until the ridge is 6 mm wide buccolingually (Fig.6 arrowheads), osteotomy is initiated with 1.6 mm drill at 9 mm; there is 2.5 mm clearance from the superior border of the Inferior Alveolar Canal (red dashed line).  A 4.5x9(1) mm Magicore is placed with 35 Ncm (insertion torque) after 4.3 mm Magic Drill; a 4.5 mm healing abutment (Fig.7 H).  An error occurs because of using 1 mm cuff of the Magicore.  Ideally 3 or 4 mm cuff should have been used because of reduction in the ridge by ~ 3 mm.  She returns because of failure of 18-20 bridge (implants will be placed at 18/19).  The implant at #30 is in fact not placed deep enough; the coronal threads seem to be exposed, although there is no periimplantitis (good oral hygiene, Fig.17). 

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