Features Tooth Prevent Treatment  
1st Case        
Food Impaction 18      
Repeated Swelling 31 Lack of Gingival Seal Bone Graft  
Bleeding   How to?  Deep Placement    
Next to 3rd Molar     Titanium Mesh  
Acute Onset 31 How to?    
#9,10 Implants   Deeper Insertion Cosmetic Issue  
Central Incisor     Repositioning  
Early Periimplantitis 8 Early Regraft without Flap    
Periimplantitis Before Impression 15   Regraft  
Prospective Study     Incision, Place Implant Low  
Prevent Trapping of Cement        
Preop Severe Bone Loss 9 Smaller Implant, Placed Deep, Incision    
Buccally Displaced Root 7 Good Vision, Precise Entry    

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Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 02/12/2015, last revision 09/26/2016