Berkeley Advanced Biomaterials

Mineralized Cancellous & Cortical Allograft  
0.5-1 mm 1-2 mm Mixture of 0.5-1 and 1-2 mm
Why Graft Looks So Dense? Graft Granules Larger than Indicates Fills in Large Defect  
Sinus Lift at #2 (not obvious) Obliterates Extraction Socket Gaps Treat Peri-implantitis  
Small Defect   Non-flapless Immediate Implant  
Around Coronal Threads   Placement in Step for Immediate Implant  
Increases Socket Density   Large Defect of Periimplantitis  
GBR with Immediate Implant   Coronal Buccal Plate Defect of a Central  
2nd Grafting (1st)   Socket Preservation at #31  
Immediate Implant Redo   Sinus Lift, socket filler at #15  
Small Defect, Small Size of Graft   Palatal Defect of Upper Central  
Repair Buccal Plate Defect   Apical Buccal Defect of Upper Lateral  
Coronal to Immediate Implant   Large Mesial Defect of Lower 1st Molar  
Refill Gap (localized periimplantitis)   Peri-implant space of Central Incisor, #9  
Lower Central Incisor Buccal Gap   Lower 1st Molar Gap  
4 Rounds of Grafting for Upper Molar   Upper 1st Molar Large Defect  
    Upper Canine Extraction Socket  
    Socket Preservation after Implant Failure  
    Immediate Implant at Large Socket at #15  

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