Crowns RPD
Margin vs. Ridge Stump Shade Multiple Units Redesign
Implant Crown: Width Gingival Embrasure 2 Wide, Tight Contact with minimal embrasure  
  Occlusal Contact  Retention Groove Cross Bite, 3-unit Bridge & Crown  
  Normal Anatomy  1 implant, 2 Incisors Buccal Gingival Margin of Premolar  
Crown Options #6 crown fracture Fractured Central  
Shades, Margin, Neck #6 implant crown Close Buccal Embrasure  
Shades and Contour Lower Incisor Bridge Close Gingival Embrasure  
Shade for Root 2 Gold-coated Abutment Shades for #6  
Open Margin Occlusion and Margin Canine or Lateral  
Margin Discoloration  & Stump Shade Central  
Incomplete Seating 2 Margin & Die Trimming Increase Cervical Width of Central  
Lateral Movement Cover Implant Metal Peg Laterals  
Shape, Margin, Shades 1-piece Implant Pointed Buccal Cusp Tip  
Implant Position, Margin 2 Subgingival Margin Food Impaction and Contact Area  
Change in Shade Shades After RCT    
Shades for Central Incisor Anterior Overjet    
Width of Lower Incisor Splinting    
Margin of Implant Crown Chamfer and Shoulder Margin    
Margin of #9,10 Crown Retrofits Partial    
Lower Incisor Splint 2    
Contact Area of Posterior Crown 2 Buccal Margin 2 3    
.5 mm Subgingival Margin Buccal Contour    

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Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 11/01/2013, last revision 05/03/2017