Immediate Implant/Provisional vs. Systemic Diseases

Since immediate implant has better vision and less trauma, it can be applied to some of the following systemic diseases.

Smoking Osteoporosis Uncontrolled Diabetes Controlled Diabetes Anticoagulants
Ex-smoker PRF, Periimplantitis  Surgery done with knowing history Lower 1st Molar Lower Incisor Plavix: Internal vs. Lateral Sinus Lift
Abscesses Place Implant Deep Injection Osteoporosis Medicine 2 Upper Central Upper 2nd Molar 2 15  
Smoker Smaller, Better Surface Low Torque with 1-Piece Implants   Lower 2nd Molar  
1 Piece Ex-Smoker: Anterior, Posterior Long Implant with SLA   Lower 1st Molar  
Fail 2 3 Extruding 9 Implant Supports Graft        
Anterior 2 23-26 Apical Abscess        
Just Quit 1.5ppd: Socket Preservation        
Heavy Smoker 2 Redo 29/30 PARL 3 M CT        
Lower, Upper Molars 22 Implant-Retained RPD        
Brother, Lower Incisors          

Introduction to Immediate Implant

Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 12/29/2013, last revision 08/16/2018